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Coming in April 2018, the release of Dance Sketches, a new album by the Chicago Harp Quartet 

We are excited to announce the release of our second album "Dance Sketches" in April 2018!  This CD took a lot of hard work and we are proud to announce that it is comprised of almost all original works written for Harp Quartet (plus a few of our most favorite arrangements).  This exciting CD includes music by Richard Bissill, Bruce Broughton, Manuel DeFalla, Léo Delibes, Franz Liszt, Alfredo Rolando Ortiz, Paul Patterson, and Vincenzo Sorrentino. 

This is a huge achievement for us and for the harp community.  Five years ago, this type of CD would not have been possible. Since our foundation, the repertoire for our unique ensemble has grown tremendously, providing us with the opportunity to record some wonderful original harp quartet music. 

This CD is entirely self-produced.  You can imagine this is an extremely expensive endeavor.  If you'd like to get involved to help support the release of the CD, please get in touch or simply go to our donate page.

If you pre-order online before March 30, 2018 you will receive a signed copy of Dance Sketches

Mark your Calendars:
CD Release Party in Chicago ~ April 12, 2018