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Y-Portraits: Awakening

The Millennials have been called “The Peter Pan Generation” due to their apparent unwillingness to grow up, “Generation Me” for their obsession with social media, and “Generation Y” merely because they follow “Generation X”. But do these labels capture the intelligence, passion, and variety of an entire generation? In Y Portraits, a collection of international Millennial artists will each develop a self-portrait in their chosen medium, including live dramatic and musical performance, visual art, sound, and film. Through this interdisciplinary artistic exploration, Mozawa presents a new vision of the “Y Generation.”

Experience a living gallery performance curated by Artistic Director Matthew Ozawa.

7/30 8pm Preview

7/31 8pm Performance

8/1 2pm & 8pm Performances

8/2 2pm Performance


For more information visit:!y-portraits/c1iks