Dance Sketches (Digital Download)

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Dance Sketches (Digital Download)


The second exciting full length album by the Chicago Harp Quartet released April 2018 including music by Bissill, Broughton, DeFalla, Delibes, Liszt, Ortiz, Patterson, and Sorrentino.

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1. Spanish Dance No. 1 from La Vida Breve (Manuel de Falla/arr. Marguerite Lynn Williams)

2. Three Dance Sketches (2016): I. Relaxed (Richard Bissill)

3. Three Dance Sketches (2016): II. Joyful (Richard Bissill)

4. Three Dance Sketches (2016): III. Tango (Richard Bissill)

5. Avian Arabesques, Opus 106 (2009): I. The Hovering Falcon (Paul Patterson)

6. Avian Arabesques, Opus 106 (2009): II. Legend of the Anka (Paul Patterson)

7. Avian Arabesques, Opus 106 (2009): III. Flight of the Phoenix (Paul Patterson)

8. Divertimento (2012) (Vincenzo Sorrentino)

9. Cuban Dream after the Storm (2015) (Alfredo Rolando Ortiz)

10. Dancing for Love, Dancing for the Gods (2015): I. Light and quick (Bruce Broughton)

11. Dancing for Love, Dancing for the Gods (2015): II. Slightly slower; ceremonious (Bruce Broughton)

12. Dancing for Love, Dancing for the Gods (2015): III. Fast (Bruce Broughton)

13. Prelude & Mazurka from Coppélia (Léo Delibes/arr. Marguerite Lynn Williams)

14. Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, S. 244/2 (Franz Liszt/arr. Marguerite Lynn Williams)