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Cuba Residency

We traveled to Cuba at the end of May, 2017, to the Cuban Music Institute, Havana. We taught master classes, performed with the youth symphony as well as in our own concert, and brought supplies and harps to help bolster the harp education resources at the Cuban Music Institute and throughout Cuba.

What is the current state of Harp Education and Performance in Cuba?

There are very limited resources to play, practice, and learn harp in Cuba. Our connection to Cuba - Annabel Gutierrez - is studying at Indiana University that we met during our residency there. 

There is a harp instructor, Mirtha Batista, in all of Cuba, and the number of functional harps is minimal. There are only 4 pedal harps in the entire country, and they are in dire disrepair. The Cuban government is (partially) sponsoring Annabel's education at IU to aid in her ability to come back to Cuba and enrich the culture with more harp knowledge, history and educational abilities.